Fostering Purpose Toolkits

These toolkits - developed by researchers at Claremont Graduate University - feature online activities that take teens about 15-20 minutes each to complete on their computers, phones, or tablets. The activities are meant to be completed over the course of a week or two. This includes watching videos, reading and reflecting on quotations, and imagining their ideal future. These activities have been found to help youth reflect on the things that matter most to them (click here to read more about the science behind this toolkit).


For Students

The student versions of the Toolkits are self-guided and have the flexibility to be completed online.  




For Teachers

There are two versions of the Toolkits for teachers. One is self-guided providing the flexibility for teacher to present the curriculum at their own pace and in varying order. The other version includes a script to go with each lesson designed to be as easy as possible to implement. 

***Responses written in the Toolkits are stored on Qualtrics and will not be shared with any third parties nor used for research. Despite this, please avoid including any identifiable information.