Purpose Toolkits for Students

This a great Toolkit that has had a big impact on my life! It has helped me realize exactly who I want to be and where I’m trying to get to in life.
— Eva Cho, student

This is a resource for students looking to uncover or develop purpose. We have two separate Toolkits designed by experts. Try one or both to help you uncover your own personal purpose in life:


Purpose and Gratitude

Focusing on what we can be grateful for in our lives has been found to lead to an increased sense of purpose for youth. Students who completed this Toolkit felt they had a greater appreciation for life and for the people in their lives, as well as discovered in what ways they want to make a difference in the world.


Purpose and Goals

This Toolkit targets what your personal values in life and reflection on what is important to in life. Students who completed this Toolkit felt they were able to take a deep look inside and find what was truly meaningful to them in their lives and how to make a difference in the world.

Examples of students' purposes in life


Caring for the environment:
“I believe that God created this world for us to take care of it.  And I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about it. Because all those little trees out there- and every bird that flies and every unique sunset and sunrise- was created by God. I guess that’s one of the big parts of why I’m so passionate about the environment. I need to do my part so it will be there for somebody else.”
16-year-old from rural Texas


Volunteering in the community:
“Volunteering is really important to me because I like being able to help others that need the help, the less fortunate or less experienced than I am.  I can teach them something and it makes a difference.”
19-year-old from Northern Indiana