Purpose and Goals

This Toolkit features activities for teachers to help uncover what values and goals are most meaningful amongst youth. There are two versions of the Toolkit for teachers. Find out which version of the Toolkit works best for you below. Students who completed this Toolkit felt they were able to take a deep look inside and find what was truly meaningful to them in their lives and how to make a difference in the world.. The lessons can be taught in class with the follow-up activities online. The online activities usually take teens about 15-20 minutes each to complete on their computers, phones, or tablets. The Toolkit is meant to be completed over the course of a week or two that include watching videos, reading and reflecting on quotations, and imagining their ideal future. 


Full Toolkit

This version of the Toolkit is guided with step-by-step sequencing and instruction for easy presentation in class including teacher notes. 


Individual Activities

This version of the Toolkit allows teachers to bring their own voice and creativity with flexible timing and order of the activities designed foster purpose and goal-setting.